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CrimsonButterfly CrimsonButterfly ist weiblich
Bloody Kimono

Dabei seit: 11 Dec, 2007
Beiträge: 575

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Okey guys, I have something to tell you ^_^ It's nothing bad, do you don't have to worrie, but . . I am very very sorry for not being here much, I have a lot of tests that I have to do at the moment. If I fail the tests I have to go another year in school, and well . . I don't want to do that XD So I study a lot, like everyday. .

So I just get online for now just to check that everything is allright. If anyone REALLY need me for something, you can send me a message to my hotmail, I check it everyday. (after all, I have forums and fansites, websites and other stuff to take care of too) :3

So the whole thing about this thread is:

I am sorry for not being here, I will be back as fast as I have finished my tests, AND I will check my mail if you need me for anything. Please send me a message only if it's really importent. :3

My email is:

Much love <3 // Sandra, aka crimsi! :3

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